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Logo Design & Identity

A logo is not your brand ,neither is it your identity .Logo
design, identity design and branding are all playing
different roles, in all they perform a perceived image for
a product or business which in return is great to the
Mostly many people confuse their branding and
relationship with clients.

What is a brand? – Always as perceived as emotional
corporate image as a whole.

What is identity –The visual aspect that form part of an
overall brand?

What is a logo?  It identifies a business in simplest form
by the mark of an icon or mark.

Branding is certainly wide and mark you we offer all
these services. Therefore a design cannot make a brand
while an audience can. Its often confused that a brand
consist of only some colors, fonts and music added to
it, we for speedex Marketing Services we believe it’s a
corporate image.
The fundermental idea and the core concept behind
having a corporate image is what a company does ,what
it owns and what it produces should be seen in the
values of the business.


We come in to keep the consistency of this idea that
makes up the company driving ,showing what it stands
for ,what it believes in and why it exist.Its is purely not
some colors ,typefaces ,logo and slogan.
An identity is made of the following as mainly ist usually
-Logo (symbol of the entire identity and brand)
-Stationery (Letterhead,business cards,and envelops)
-Marketing Collateral (Flyers, Brochures, Books,website)

-Product and Packaging (products that are sold and the
packaging that come with them)
-Signage (Interior and Exterior)
Message & Actions (Messages conveyed via indirect or
direct modes of communication.)

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